Cushion Cut

Simply put, a cushion cut diamond is in the shape of a cushion or pillow – it’s usually square with rounded edges, but can be rectangular, again with softened edges. Cushion cuts typically have 58 facets, and although they’re generally less brilliant than round brilliant diamonds, cushion cuts have great fire. Diamond fire is what we call the beautiful optical effect of white light breaking into a rainbow of colours due to refraction. This fire is what makes cushion cut diamonds an appealing choice for many.


“Cushion cuts have a different pattern of sparkle to round brilliant and princess cuts, but this does not mean they are any less beautiful. The best way to determine if the sparkle of a cushion cut meets your desires is to see one in person”.

- Alison Cooper, Co-Founder of Alicia J


Diamonds, like everything, have their own fashions. Until the early 20th century, cushion cut diamonds were the favourite diamond shape. In fact, many gemstone rings used this shape. Now, their classic look has resurfaced, becoming a popular modern shape for engagement rings – offering a slight vintage feel. The cushion-cut dates back to the 1700s, emerging from diamond designs from old diamond mines in Brazil, and were known as the ‘mine cut’ for many years.

Cushion Cut?

• They’re extremely durable due to the rounded edges.
• The 58 facets disperse light, creating fire, brilliance and sparkle.
• Cushion cuts come in a variety of cuts and shape variations: short, elongated, square and rounded designs make cushion cuts a versatile choice.