When you know nothing about diamonds, the prospect of buying one can be daunting. How do you know whether the price is right, or whether you’re buying what it says on the certificate? At Alicia J, our expertise ensures you get the best quality there is. As well as beautiful bespoke jewellery, you also get a knowledgeable personalised service, tailormade designs, and ethically sourced gemstones.



The word diamond comes from the Greek adamas, meaning unconquerable, and, as the most durable natural material on earth, its symbolic meaning is of pure unconquerable love – perfect for engagement. Diamonds are also dazzling and mesmerising to look at. As for buying them, there are a few things you should know. It’s a common misconception that the size (or carat weight) alone determines the quality and value of a natural diamond. However, there are several factors to look out for when choosing a diamond. A great place to start is to consider each of the four Cs; that’s the cut, carat, clarity and colour.


For centuries, people have used coloured stones to express love, passion and power. Gemstones are mentioned in ancient religious texts and have been worn by tribal chiefs, and kings and queens throughout history. They are often associated with healing powers and many – such as birthstones – are attributed with individual meaning. We love them because they make a stylish alternative to diamond jewellery and can also work in beautiful harmony with diamonds. The purple glow of an ametrine cocktail ring or the amber glimmer of a dramatic pair of topaz drop-earrings can help a woman express herself and can make an outfit come to life.


With rose gold, yellow or white gold, silver, platinum and various shades and grades of each, you might feel overwhelmed by the choice available when selecting a precious metal for your bespoke jewellery design. We can help. If you’re choosing for someone else, a good way to start is by looking at what they already wear – then think about their lifestyle and the design you have in mind. The same applies if it’s for you.

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