Gold is a precious metal favoured in luxury jewellery for more than 6,000 years. Ancient civilisations from the Mesopotamians to the Egyptians adorned their royalty with intricately crafted gold jewellery which still shines today. Its appeal comes from its colour, durability, resistance to corrosion, and rarity. It’s believed about 80% of the earth’s gold is still buried underground.


Gold is a highly workable metal, perfect for jewellery making. Its rich glow and satisfying weight creates a luxurious, high-quality feel that suits precious jewellery. Alloying gold increases its tensile strength (the maximum stretching force a metal can withstand before breaking) and hardness. Alloyed gold is better at resisting scratching and denting, and lowers the melting point, and means a reduced cost for the consumer. Introducing other metals in gold alloys can also create customised colours. For example, more copper creates rose gold and adding nickel can whiten the gold.