Round Halo Engagement Ring

The centre stone of this halo engagement ring is a round brilliant weighing 0.70ct, with a SI1 clarity and G colour. The centre stone is surrounded by smaller round brilliant diamonds in a halo and pavé setting with a total diamond weight of 0.19ct, set on a white gold ring weighing 2.48g.

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Stone shape
The round brilliant cut is a feminine, elegant and timeless cut that will never date.  Their symmetrical shape and 58 facets offer a stunning sparkling display of light performance while hiding inclusions.

G – Diamond colour is graded from D to Z – D being the whitest, most colourless diamond and Z containing noticeable yellow, brown or pink tints.

SI1 – SI Diamonds contain inclusions that are noticeable to an experienced grader under 10x magnification. These inclusions may or may not be noticeable to the naked eye.

White Gold – A mixture of gold, nickel, copper and zinc, white gold holds a beautiful pale, silvery colour that compliments a diamond’s natural sparkle.

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