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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Named after their softly rounded corners, our cushion-cut engagement rings are a stunning symbol of your commitment. The reflective fire of these diamonds pairs beautifully with our precious metals. You can ask for the cut to be slightly elongated to fit your preference.

There’s no better way than the cushion cut to represent one of life’s most special moments…

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What is a Cushion Cut Engagement Ring?

Cushion cut diamonds are part square, part circle. They may not have the brilliance of a classic round cut, but the shape creates a reflective fire that provides a unique effect.

The 58 facets produce a burst of light and colour that never fails to impress.


Choosing Cushion Cut Diamond Rings

If you’re looking for a ring to symbolise your life-long commitment, the round edges of cushion diamonds make it an extremely durable option.

When choosing a cushion diamond ring, use the 4Cs:

  1. Cut: Would you like a traditional square cushion cut or a longer rectangular shape?
  2. Carat: What is your budget? Does the size and carat weight of the diamond match it?
  3. Colour: Would you like to find the most colourless diamond (D on the colour scale)?
  4. Clarity: Are you looking for perfection or uniqueness? No two diamonds are the same so the clarity assesses the external and internal weaknesses in the stone.

Learn more about the 4Cs.


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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings FAQs:

We’ve done what we can to answer some frequently asked questions about cushion cut engagement rings below:

Do Cushion Cut Diamond Rings Look Bigger?

Definitely! Cushion cut engagement rings can look bigger than other diamond cuts of the same carat weight. The wide table on display at the top of the ring means they offer value for your budget, as they have a larger surface area than other diamond shapes.

Are Cushion Diamond Rings Cheaper?

Cushion cut engagement rings are generally cheaper than their round or oval counterparts. They’re more affordable because less diamond is wasted when creating the cushion shape. They also represent value for money if you’re searching for a large centre stone, with bigger facets, as they have a greater surface than other cuts including round cut diamonds.

What Does A Cushion Cut Ring Say About You?

The 58 facets on a cushion cut engagement ring reflect all the little things you love about your partner. Choosing a cushion cut diamond shows your appreciation for the attention to detail in creating it. While offering a classic design, it also represents a desire to showcase your unique bond, combining princess cut and round diamonds to forge something new.

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