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Trilogy Engagement Ring

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What Are Trilogy Engagement Rings?

Trilogy or ‘three stone’ diamond engagement rings are perfect for those wishing to have something more memorable than a traditional solitaire or ‘one stone’ setting.

Although the trinity symbolises ‘past, present and future’, the three stones can also allow couples to decide on what they truly value in one another, by choosing their own three ideas.

The trilogy can mean something uniquely special for every relationship and is perfect for those seeking to describe what is important in their life-long commitment.

In Ancient Egypt, the trinity referred to the three stages of the sun, while modern interpretations include ‘friendship, love, and loyalty’.


Choosing Your Trilogy Diamond Ring

There’s a wide array of options when designing your bespoke trilogy engagement ring.

Diamond Cuts and Gemstones

Typically, trilogy engagement rings feature a central diamond, with two other stones flanking it on each side. These are usually half the carat weight. You might decide on three diamonds to triple the brilliance and fire, but you can also combine your diamonds with a gemstone, sapphire being a popular choice.

Diamond cuts should be carefully considered, with symmetry a key concern if you’re thinking about a different shape. Tell us about your engagement journey and we’ll suggest some possible designs for trilogy rings.

Metal Bands

We also offer a range of metal bands to complement your stones. These range from lustrous yellow gold, to the passion of rose gold, and the increasingly popular platinum.

We use Computer Aided Design (CAD) to create a model of your ring style so you can find the most fitting option and imagine the piece on your or your partner’s finger.


Not Sure Where To Start?

If you’ve never bought an engagement ring, these decisions can feel overwhelming.

Our experts at Alicia J are on hand to assist you with a personal and professional service.

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Trilogy Engagement Ring FAQs:

We’ve done what we can to answer some common questions about our trilogy engagement rings below:

What Is A Trilogy Engagement Ring?

A trilogy engagement ring refers to a ring with three stones, the two flanking being half the size of the centre piece. Often the three stones are diamonds, but there’s the option of using sapphires or other gemstones too.

What Does A Trilogy Engagement Ring Mean?

A trilogy engagement ring could be chosen for its beauty and departure from more traditional ring styles. However, it is also picked for its sentiment, with the stone on the left symbolising the past, the large middle stone portraying the present, and the stone on the right beckoning a future full of hope. The versatility of the trilogy ring means that these ideas can be replaced with any that mean something special to you.