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How our concierge service works

Our job is to help you create a piece of bespoke jewellery that you will cherish for a lifetime.

We are experts in sourcing and crafting authentic diamonds and gemstones into stunning personalised jewellery just for you. We know our stuff, from the cut to the carat, to creative design, and which stones, metals and styles work in harmony.

Our service is personal, pleasurable and discreet. Buying the perfect piece of fine jewellery is a memorable experience with us.

We are your guide to the design process. Our expert knowledge, gained through a love of diamonds and gemstones, and through the GIA – an independent organisation that protects gem and jewellery consumers by providing research, education and laboratory services, means you can be 100% confident about your purchase.



Our first conversation can be via video call, face to face, in a coffee shop, over the phone, email, however you prefer – we will work around you.

To create each bespoke design, we get to know you and find out what you’re looking for. We’ll discuss the types of jewellery you like and dislike, talk about timescales, your budget, logistics and look at any designs that have caught your eye, from a simple single diamond engagement ring to a luxury gemstone necklace.

Do browse our Inspiration section and Pinterest boards for ideas. We’re here to help – don’t be afraid to call even if you’re unsure what you’re looking for.


This is the creative part. We take away the ideas from the consultation, once we’re clear about what you’re after, and begin to design. We create a selection of jewellery designs on paper. As part of this, we detail carat size, metal choices and approximate costings for you.

We will share our diamond knowledge and gemstone expertise with you, to help you make an informed, educated choice. If it’s diamonds you’re looking for, we will source a selection that fit your criteria and narrow that selection down to 3-5 designs to present to you at our next meeting.


Next we show you the design options and discuss the characteristics of each piece, allowing you to examine the choices and tell us what you like and what you don’t. Now, your piece of original jewellery is beginning to become a reality.

Together we decide on a winning design – always an exciting moment – and finalise adjustments, size, personalisation options such as engravings and any other finishing touches you might like to add.


After the final design has been selected, we work alongside our co-founder Roshan who is based in Dubai. Roshan is a qualified diamond and gemstone expert; he closely oversees the process from start to finish to ensure your tailormade jewellery design is carefully sourced and crafted. The finished product is then delivered back to us.


Once your bespoke jewellery has arrived back at Alicia J HQ here in the UK, we run a final quality check, to ensure it is beautifully boxed and perfectly packaged – complete with relevant Diamond or Gemstone Reports and care instructions.


As well as relevant reports and care instructions, we provide all our customers with a complimentary valuation from a recognised and licensed jewellery professional in the UK.

At Alicia J, we do not have the extra operational costs typically added on to jewellery supply chains. This allows us to charge our customers the fairest prices possible, resulting in valuations generally being higher than the purchase price.

Learn more about how our valuation works and the benefits this has when it comes to insuring your jewellery:

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