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Invest in Diamonds

Clients often ask us to source diamonds for investment purposes. We’ve had requests for smaller stones and for stones to fulfil multi-million-pound mandates. We’re happy to source the best value diamonds for your budget, and we can organise for storage of stones too.

Why invest in natural diamonds?

Diamonds are an “asset class” and an alternative store of value, up there with gold, silver, shares and cryptocurrencies. Whilst we are neither financial advisors nor investment commentators, we have watched some certified stone prices increase by up to 60% over the last 5 years.

Why Invest?

1. Tangible, Wearable Investment - unlike shares, foreign currencies or cryptocurrencies, you can wear your investment and enjoy its beauty.

2. Minimal Storage - store huge values in tiny spaces.

3. Long-Lasting - diamonds are the hardest substance on earth, practically wear-proof.

4. Inflation Proof - true for most physical commodities, real estate, gold, silver and diamonds usually appreciate.

With that said, it is unlikely that diamonds will see an immediate spike or sizeable uplift in value. They are not stocks. And of course, no investment is risk-free. 

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Invest In Diamonds

Before you invest...

If you are thinking to invest in diamonds, you should at least consider the following,

1. Understand Diamondsread up on the 4Cs of diamonds to understand the basics. Additionally, educate yourself on diamond certificates and particulars, as issued by gemological labs like GIA. We also run diamond masterclasses to educate on the basics.

2. Certified - you should aim to buy certified diamonds only, that are accompanied by a genuine report issued by a credible gemological laboratory, such as GIA.

3. Budget -  as diamonds are an alternative investment class, set an appropriate budget to spend on your stones.

4. Diversify - when building a collection, think about mixing classic cuts with trending shapes. Coloured diamonds also make for interesting investments.

5. Rare Stones - will likely remain rare, think about adding yellow or pink diamonds to your portfolio.

Want to invest in diamonds?

Increase your diamond knowledge to make better investment choices, or contact us for more information