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How long does the bespoke jewellery design process take?

This time varies depending on the speed of the feedback we receive from you during the design process. The quicker the feedback, the earlier we can deliver but normally we can complete a piece in around 3 weeks.

I don’t live in London; can I still work with you?

Absolutely. We work with clients all over the world and offer a remote service. For more information, please get in touch.

Are diamonds a good investment?

Absolutely. While we are continuously facing economic uncertainty, diamonds are one of the few investments that hold their value across the globe and have done for thousands of years.

Do all diamonds come with a GIA report?

All diamonds above 0.5 carat bought from us will always come graded by and with a diamond report from GIA – the world’s most recognised gemological laboratory.

Can I combine personal/sentimental pieces with my new design?

Yes, if you have a sentimental piece of jewellery or stone you would like to incorporate into your design please let us know, this is definitely possible.

Can I engrave a personal message on my jewellery?

Yes, if you would like any engravings on your jewellery please let us know.

Can I buy loose diamonds?

Yes. The process is similar to that of sourcing stones for a piece of jewellery. We would first understand the specifications of what you are looking for or if you are unaware, guide you through the 4Cs to help you identify the best stone for your budget. We will then provide you with a handful of options before finally sourcing your chosen diamond.

Is my diamond conflict-free?

At Alicia J we only deal with conflict-free diamonds and have a zero-tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds.

Do you sell lab-grown diamonds?

No, we do not work with lab-grown diamonds for various reasons, one being lab-grown diamonds have a significantly lower market value than natural diamonds.

How do I pay?

All major debit and credit cards are accepted, alongside PayPal, bank transfer and stripe payments. Once your design has been finalised and we agree to go ahead with the design, we will take a 40% down payment and the final 60% upon delivery.

Will my Alicia J jewellery come with a guarantee?

All of our pieces come with a lifetime guarantee which provides coverage for manufacturing defects. As damage caused due to lack of care, wear and tear, loss or theft will not be covered, we recommend you read our jewellery care guide and take out comprehensive insurance – please contact us if you require assistance with this.

Does my jewellery come with a warranty?

Yes. You can find more information about our aftersales services here.

How often should I clean my jewellery?

We recommend regularly cleaning your jewellery yourself at home – please read our jewellery care guide for instructions on how to do this. We also recommend getting your jewellery professionally cleaned periodically to maintain its condition and to check for wear and damage. We typically advise professional cleaning once a year, but this can vary depending on the usage and individual care/handling of the jewellery. At Alicia J we offer a periodical complimentary cleaning service for life with every purchase.

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