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Jewellery Care & Warranty

How often should I clean my jewellery?

We recommend regularly cleaning your jewellery yourself at home – please read our jewellery care guide for instructions on how to do this. We also recommend getting your jewellery professionally cleaned periodically to maintain its condition and to check for wear and damage. We typically advise professional cleaning once a year, but this can vary depending on the usage and individual care/handling of the jewellery. At Alicia J we offer a periodical complimentary cleaning service for the first 2 years of your jewellery’s life. 

Does my jewellery purchase come with a valuation?

Yes, we provide a complimentary valuation from a recognised and licensed jewellery professional with every purchase. Because we do not have high street showrooms, stores or the extra operational costs typically added to fine jewellery supply chains, we are able to charge our customers fair prices. This means, the valuation is generally higher than the purchase price of the jewellery. Find out more here

Can I get my jewellery insured?

Yes, we have partnered with T.H. March insurance brokers to allow Alicia J customers to insure their recently purchased items. This provides you with peace of mind and the option to have your jewellery protected, right from the point you receive itFind out more here. 

Does my jewellery come with a warranty?

Yes. You can find more information about our warranty here.

Will my Alicia J jewellery come with a guarantee?

All our pieces come with a lifetime guarantee which provides coverage for manufacturing defects. As damage caused due to lack of care, wear and tear, loss or theft will not be covered, we recommend you read our jewellery care guide and take out comprehensive insurance – please contact us if you require assistance with this. 

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