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How long does the bespoke jewellery design process take?

Normally we can complete a piece of bespoke jewellery in around 3 weeks, from start of design to delivery. But the time varies depending on the speed of the feedback we receive from you during the design process.  


Can I combine personal or sentimental pieces into my new design?

Yes, if you have a sentimental piece of jewellery or stone you would like to incorporate into your design, please let us know. This is definitely possible. 

Can I engrave a personal message on my jewellery?

Yes, if you would like any engravings on your jewellery, please let us know. We’ll always ask you this during the design process, too. 

Can you create a piece of jewellery within my budget?

We'll work with you to understand what your budget is and advise the best options to create your piece of jewellery to suit your style and budget. We’ll discuss budget in our first chat. 

Can you recreate a piece of jewellery that has been lost or stolen?

Yes, please find out more here. 

Can I buy loose diamonds?

Yes. The process is similar to that of sourcing stones for a piece of jewellery. We first discuss the specifications of what you are looking for, or, if you need assistance, guide you through the 4Cs to help you identify the best stone for your budget. We will then provide you with a handful of options before finally sourcing your chosen diamond. 

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