Princess Cut

One of the most popular diamond shapes, square or slightly rectangular princess cut diamonds are classic, chic and timeless. Princess cut diamonds have 58 facets positioned similarly to round cut diamonds, meaning a princess cut is known as the square version of a round brilliant. The square has sharp edges and looks like an inverted pyramid. It’s an excellent alternative to emerald cuts for people who like a squarer shape but want the fabulous sparkle of a brilliant cut.


“Princess cuts can give the illusion of a larger diamond, compared to other shapes with the same carat weight. However, if not cut to a high standard, light does not reflect how it should, which can make the stone appear smaller”.

- Roshan, Co-Founder of Alicia J


Dating back to the fashionable 1960s, the princess cut is a modern and stylish choice that is currently increasing in popularity. Princess cuts were formed following research which found that women were looking for a square stone which also had the brilliance of a round brilliant. In 1961, London diamond cutter Arpad Nagy created a what he called the profile cut, but he privately referred to this as a princess cut, and this charming name gradually grew in popularity.

Princess cut?

• Unlike other square shapes, Princess cut diamonds have great fire and brilliance, similar to round brilliants.
• Princess cuts use about 80% of the rough diamond (many others only use 50%-60%), so retain more of the original carat weight. Less waste mean a more economical choice.
• Princess cuts have clean lines and a geometric shape, which suggests a sophisticated modern elegance.