5 festive ways to propose this Christmas

The Christmas holiday period is one of the most romantic times to pop the question to your beloved. From simple, personal ideas to creative gestures, we've gathered our top 5 festive proposal ideas to help you make this Christmas one to remember. 


1. Engagement Ring Advent Calendar

If you’re looking to give ‘the one’ the ultimate Christmas present this year, make every day count and propose with a tailor-made advent calendar. It’s sure to wow your significant other.

The idea is to fill an advent calendar with your partner’s favourite things, anything from small personal gestures to love notes; be creative to make each day feel like a surprise. Those box calendars with drawers work well for this. When day 25 arrives, place the engagement ring in the calendar and ask your partner to open it. Make sure you’re in the right setting with everything else planned. If you want to film their reaction, set up a camera in advance. If you think your partner might suspect something, you could throw them off the scent by proposing a day early or even as a surprise on Boxing Day. The great thing about this proposal idea is it allows you to be creative and elongates the exciting build up to the proposal. It’s a thoughtful idea that your partner will treasure the memory of.

Alicia J Top Tip: Don’t put the ring in until you’re ready to propose – you don’t want your partner to sneak a peek and ruin the surprise!

2. Romantic winter walk

Either on Christmas Day or another December day, take your loved one on a romantic winter walk to pop the question. Perhaps head out with a flask of hot chocolate, hats, gloves, scarves, and big coats to enjoy a quiet cosy moment together. You could take them to a meaningful spot that you share together, or somewhere totally new that you’ve both wanted to visit. Take a moment to reflect on the year you’ve had and then pop the question when it feels right.

One of the best things about this idea is you can tailor it to your partner’s preferences. If they don’t like fuss, you might opt for a more intimate secluded spot. However, if your partner loves big gestures, you could pop the question after Christmas dinner on a walk with all the family – that way you can share the wonderful moment with your nearest and dearest.

3. Gift under the tree

The idea is simple but wonderful. To stop them guessing, wrap the engagement ring inside a much bigger box and place it under the Christmas tree among the other presents. Unwrapping presents is so exciting, which makes it the perfect time to surprise your partner with your romantic gesture. Keep an eye on the present so you know when they open it. Then you can give yourself time to get down on one knee to complete the surprise!

4. New Year's Eve proposal

Just because Christmas is finished doesn’t mean the festivities are. New Year’s Eve is a great time of year to get engaged as you enter the new year with a stunning new ring and the excitement of planning a wedding.

If you’re attending a New Year’s Eve party, tell the other guests of your plan beforehand and check that it’s OK with everyone. This minimises any hiccups. If you and your partner are having a quiet New Year’s Eve with just the two of you, you have more control over how you would like to play it. You could make all of your partner’s favourite dishes and give the engagement ring after dessert. Either way, a New Year’s Eve proposal gives your both so much to look forward to in the New Year and is a great way to round off the year before.

4. Deck the halls

Decorating is one of the most magical parts of Christmas. Being creative allows you to transform your home into a winter grotto, so why not incorporate your beautiful surroundings into the big question?

Whether it’s a bauble with a ring hidden inside, or a handwritten message for them to find while decorating, add a special twist to the decorations this year with the surprise of an engagement. You could write or illustrate meaningful moments from your relationship on plain ornaments, and even include a ‘Will you marry me?’ question on the tree topper as the final touch.


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