Buying Bespoke, Making Your Engagement

Every love story is unique, a journey between two souls that is unrepeatable. If you are thinking to symbolise your love in a way that reflects your own distinctive story, then creating a bespoke engagement ring is a beautiful way to do this.

Our Diamond Keepers are skilled in the jewel arts of creating bespoke, made to order engagement rings and wedding bands, for a diverse range of couples and design briefs. 

Here’s a few ideas on how you can create a truly individual ring that reflects your personal story.

1/ Trust The Process

Work with our team to design your ring; you’ll work through a process that begins with mood boards and moves to sketches, next to finished on-screen designs and then real-life casting and fitting. You can either do this as an individual or work together as a couple to create your bespoke engagement ring. As you journey through the process, you may be introduced to new styles and shapes, embrace them all! A lot of our clients end up choosing a ring with a totally different style than they originally had planned - it all adds to the unique story of your ring. 

2/ Hidden Meaning

Designing with hidden meaning…there are so many ways to do this. We’ve worked on engagement briefs that have wanted to recreate or modernise an older family ring design; we’ve had tiny birthstones of a couple, or their children, added to the inside of engagement and wedding bands; or we’ve added birthstones to the overall ring design. Each of these is an expression of something deeper.

3/ Engravings 

Engravings are a very simple way to personalise your design. Add a special date, a phrase, a symbol, a word, or even the coordinates of your happy place together. Any of which can be inscribed inside or even on the outside of a ring band, serving as a unique design accent and reminder. You may also have a preferred font that you wish us to work with.

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Bespoke Engagement Ring

Interested in designing a bespoke engagement ring? Contact us to start your design process. 

Lots of Love, 

Alicia J x