Coloured Centre Stones

Coloured centre stones are experiencing a renaissance, particularly for engagement rings.

History has a habit of repeating itself. The concept of mixing diamonds with all manner of coloured gems is nothing new, but is trending once again, most likely triggered by celeb moments that fuel appetite for similar styles.

The Diana and subsequent Kate effect saw sales spike in Sapphire centres.

Kate Middleton Diana Gemstone Ring

Whilst JLo’s more recent engagement ring has sparked interest in highly-priced green diamonds and more affordable alternatives like peridot, green amethyst and emeralds. Stateside blogger Marci Hirshleifer Penn has gone one further, bringing colour to her wedding ring, creating a full channel band of emeralds. We are green with envy…

J Lo Gemstone engagement ring
Photo credit: Marci Hirshleifer Penn

It’s clear that styles often come full circle. A recent recce to an antique store in the Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine  Flea Market of Paris revealed a fabulous green centre stone of the past.  Like the magpies that we are, we immediately fell in love with this magnificent 1910 French engagement ring. Its 3-carat Columbian emerald centre stone was perfectly surrounded by some 12 diamonds and encased in platinum and 18CT gold.

Emerald Gemstone Ring (1)

Rubies, pink sapphires, tourmalines, pink and honey diamonds, pale or deep aquamarines – whatever your colour persuasion, any and all can all be worked to create vintage feels or contemporary styles.

Working to a budget? Then mix affordable inners with diamond accents or full halos and you quickly have a look that screams expensive.

You can read more on our most popular gems here, or if you’re looking for inspiration, view our gallery, where we’re constantly adding jewellery ideas and styles as we go.

with love, 

Alicia J x