Drake’s Diamonds

Drake drops a 42-stone necklace to mark the engagement proposals that he never made.

This week saw US rapper Drake step out in a spectacular diamond drop necklace, commissioned to showcase 42 stones to mark each of the proposals he never made. The necklace, reportedly a first of its kind, was designed by US jeweller Alex Moss, and was aptly announced as,

"New piece titled 'Previous Engagements' for all the times he thought about it but never did it... The necklace is made up of 42 engagement rings, totalling 351.38 carats in diamonds..." - Alex Moss. 

Whilst we are unaware as to whom the diamonds pay homage to, Drake has been linked to some dazzling A-list women, including Tyra Banks, Rhianna, Julia Fox and Rashida Jones.

Drake’s diamond necklace. Copyright credit: alexmoss/Instagram

The star is no stranger to bespoke diamond, commissioning a $1 million customised heart necklace in 2020 which took several months to create.

The 100-carat heart piece took a substantial time to make, largely because it is hard to set diamonds in the shape of a heart and this piece features a fair few of them. It was made to match Drake's diamond ring, also made in the shape of a heart.

Ori Vechle Instagram

Natural Diamonds have seen growth in men buying diamonds for themselves, a phenomena likely explained by a rise in rappers’ diamond habits and collaborations, featuring stars like Kendrick Lemar and JayZ, who have worked with Tiffany to produce statement stones. 

We’ve also seen an upturn in the non-binary diamond space, endorsed by social media influencers like Berlin-based ElevatorBoys and Nic Kaufmann, all championing the diamond accessory.

Photo credit – Elevator Boys/ Instagram

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