Gemstones to start the year right

Whether you’re looking to improve your love life or focus on your health, we’ve got a gemstone to help you channel good vibes this year! Enhance that New Year new-beginning feeling by learning which gemstones can channel powerful and renewing energy into your life to help you start 2022 with positivity.


A new start often means change, which can induce stress and anxiety. No matter how willing you are for change, we can all feel stressed when leaving the comfort of an old routine. Amethyst has calming and soothing properties that help you get a good night’s sleep, fight negative energy and keep going through stressful times. It is also believed to keep the wearer clear-headed in battles and business affairs and be useful in prevention of overindulgence. So, if your new year involves a new business venture or quitting an unhealthy habit, this is the stone for you.


Every new beginning or change in life is more likely to be successful with a dose of optimism. If you feel positive about a situation it is much more likely to go your way. With nicknames like ‘Vitamin C of the Soul’ and ‘The Success Stone’, citrine is perfect for the boost needed for a fresh start and dive into the unknown. Citrine’s positive energy will also help give you the confidence and motivation to keep going and conquer difficult times.


If you’re looking to step into the year with a newfound confidence in your love life, emerald is the perfect choice. Called the ‘Stone of Successful Love’, emeralds are associated with good relationships and abundant love. This powerful gem opens and nurtures the heart and the Heart Chakra, meaning its soothing energy provides healing power and brings freshness and vitality to the spirit. For those who deal with love issues negatively and tend to close the door to their heart, learning to leverage emerald’s healing properties for a renewed approach to life will help you become stronger and overcome romantic challenges.


Aquamarine is an ideal gemstone for new beginnings as it is a crystal for reflection and self-exploration, allowing you to examine your own potential. It is said to help guide you out of toxic situations and encourage you to leave baggage in the past and focus on the future. Aquamarine can also promote feelings of motivation and banish procrastination, leaving you more willing to make any necessary life-changing decisions.


With many of us indulging over the Christmas period, the new year is a great opportunity to focus on health and realign ourselves. Radiating with warmth and the colour of rich blood, garnet is an incredibly powerful stone that can help flush out body toxins and keep circulation strong. It’s a stone that wants to regenerate the body and stimulate your metabolism. For those seeking to boost their immune system and help their body absorb much-needed nutrients, garnet is your solution.


Prasiolite is a stone of originality that ignites growth and change, inspiring you to venture into the world confidently to share your talents. With prasiolite energies working for you, all challenges become conquerable. It also helps erase emotional scars and welcome peace into your heart. It will help you find forgiveness, which will allow you to move forwards into the new year and leave the past in the past.


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