Pink for Precious

Pink, a colour that’s long formed part of the overall wedding colour palette, is now taking centre bridal stage...

Throughout history, pink has played its part, with the colour fuchsia having Biblical significance, denoting a “right relationship” with God. Pink is also a long-understood symbol of love and beauty, pink also embodies the gentler qualities of red.

However this year we’ve seen a seismic colour shift, with notable brides rejecting traditional ivory dress shades to embrace strong pink hues.

Summer has born witness to brides like Olive Uniacke and her striking fuchsia wedding dress, based on a Raf Simons for Dior gown.

Olive Uniacke Wedding Dress
Photo credit: Tom Mitchell

Along with Harriet Hall opting for a statement Molly Goddard dress, worn as a small rebellion against the times. Just fabulous...

Harriet Hall Molly Goddard dress
Photo Credit: Lisa Jane

The trend is radiating through wedding floristry.  Jo Flynn of Wildside has seen bridal requests for high pink florals like peonies, “Peony season is so short I have to delicately manage the expectations of many brides who want them out of season” – Jo Flynn

And it hasn’t stopped there. We’re seeing a similar shift within the jewellery industry, with couples embracing coloured centre stones for engagement rings.

Precious pink stones, particularly rare ones, can come with eyewatering price tags, this featured “The Sakura,” a 15.8-carat purple-pink diamond set on a platinum and gold ring, sold for $29.3 million last year in Hong Kong.

Sakura Diamond
Sakura Diamond

At this price point, it’s no surprise that pink diamond engagement rings have long been a celebrity favourite with stars like Lady Gaga, Anna Kournikova and Tara Reid all sporting sizeable stones.

Dare we forget J.Lo's first engagement ring from Ben Affleck, now reportedly worth $12m, having originally been bought for $1.2m. A solid investment.

If your budget is strong, but not in the millions bracket, you might like to consider the padparadscha sapphire.

A Royal favourite, the padparadscha sapphire makes for a stunning centre stone of Princess Eugenie’s ring, some 11 x 9 mm in size, or roughly 3-4 carats, surrounded by 10 brilliantly cut diamonds with 2 pear-shaped diamonds. This has been valued at anything from £44,000 – 120,000.

JLO Ring

To create statement pinks within a reasonable budget, pink sapphires are available at more entry-level prices, or you might consider designing with rubellites, pale rubies, or pink tourmaline, any of which look stunning surrounded by diamonds. Meanwhile pink and peachy morganites can work well as a less expensive pink diamond substitute.

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