The Alicia J Story

What do you know about Alicia J? Find out the story behind why Alison Cooper and fellow entrepreneur Roshan Kundwani set up a bespoke diamond and gemstone jewellery company, and what makes the people behind the brand tick.

Every journey has a story. Ours begins with a proposal.

Once upon a time, there was a handsome young man planning on asking his beautiful girlfriend to marry him. This young man had never bought a diamond ring before and wasn’t sure where to start. He scoured high street jewellers trying to find a diamond ring with as many carats as his budget would allow. But something didn’t quite feel right…

Enter Alison Cooper – who happened to be the mum of this handsome young man’s friend.

Entrepreneur Alison’s success was made in supplying on board service solutions to airlines; she had exited her business and was looking for a new adventure. As a businesswoman, Alison travelled the world and, in her spare time, enjoyed sourcing beautiful diamond and gemstone jewellery in the Far East. She had long known that there is more to diamonds than carats.

Alison led Mr Handsome gently through the process of sourcing a much higher quality diamond at a better price than high street stores had shown him. She also knew that designing a unique ring would result in a more personal experience and a more precious piece of jewellery. He was thrilled – even more so when his beautiful girlfriend said yes. (She loved the ring, by the way.) 

Alison realised that most 20-30 year olds feel overwhelmed by the prospect of buying an engagement ring. Most don’t fully understand the grading or valuation of fine jewellery and can end up feeling slightly exploited. Word spread, and soon Alison found she was the go-to engagement ring expert for her son’s friends and other family and friends. She became inundated with requests for help to source gemstones and design original and personalised jewellery. 

This is where businessman and qualified diamond and gemstone jewellery expert Roshan comes in. Having lived in both India and Dubai, two centres for exceptional jewellery, he has built strong relationships with the best diamond cutting and polishing units, and the finest luxury jewellery workshops. Roshan's ample connections combined with Alison's desire to deliver luxury, personal and ethical jewellery that will last over a lifetime, mean they are the perfect business pairing

Alison decided to enhance her own knowledge and gained official qualifications as a gemstone specialist with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). 

This training helped her create an approachable and friendly tailored diamond jewellery concierge service which empowers the buyer with the knowledge to make an educated, quality purchase. 

Alison and Roshan launched their vision in March 2020: Alicia J Diamonds was born. 

Since then, their beautiful bespoke jewellery has brought joy to many couples, and also to those looking for bespoke special-occasion gemstone jewellery, from ruby wedding rings to 21st birthday presents. Customers say that as well as the jewellery, it’s the joyful process of creating it that adds value to buying with Alicia J.

Alison and Roshan recognise that every significant jewellery purchase in one’s life has a story of its own, and seek to make that story as special as it can be.

Our story is ever-evolving as Alicia J grows day by day. We want to take you with us on this adventure. Now you know who’s behind the brand, stay tuned for next week's blog where we will share more about what we do, and how we do it. There’s more to Alicia J than just gemstones. We’re an ethical company, and offer price guarantees, fully certified traceable diamonds and gemstones, and a care package that we’re proud of.

With Love

Alicia J Diamonds