The Different Types of Engagement Rings

When buying a ring to symbolise your love for your partner, the choice is personal, deeply meaningful, and is a declaration of style that will stand the test of time. The perfect engagement ring should resonate with your personality, your journey, and the unique love story you share. Knowing where to start can seem daunting with an overwhelming variety of engagement ring designs, but worry not - we're here to help break it down for you.

In this blog, we'll offer insights into the numerous styles that each carry their distinct aesthetic appeal. Whether you're drawn to the classic solitaire, love the vintage halo setting, or prefer modern minimalist designs, our comprehensive guide will help you navigate the world of different engagement ring styles.

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1- Solitaire Engagement Ring

The solitaire ring represents timeless elegance. Its design, featuring a single breath-taking diamond on top of a simple band, celebrates love in its purest form. Unaccompanied by other stones, the diamond takes centre stage, its brilliance and sparkle on full display in this classic style. This diamond engagement ring is an ode to those who find beauty in simplicity, and those who understand that true love doesn't require embellishments. Its simplicity makes it perfect for understated elegance and classic ring-setting lovers.

2- Side Stone Engagement Ring

For side stone engagement rings, the central diamond is accompanied by additional diamonds or gemstones, enhancing the allure of the overall piece. This design represents a love that isn't just central but represents every aspect of life, every turn of events, and shared moments together.

3-Halo Setting

In a halo setting, the central diamond lies in a circle of smaller diamonds, enhancing not just the size but also the luminescence of the main stone. If you're not afraid to stand out, this design is perfect. Similar to the solitaire, this design is a statement piece. It carries a sense of timeless charm like most vintage engagement rings. With inspiration from the Art Deco period, this ring has an irresistible blend of the traditional and the modern, complimenting a range of style preferences.

3- Four Prong Setting

Elegant, practical, and sophisticated, the four-prong setting is a beloved classic in the world of engagement rings. It elegantly cradles the diamond, creating a setting that allows maximum exposure of the stone, enhancing its brilliance and size. In this design, four prongs hold the diamond securely yet gracefully, offering an unobstructed view of the gem from all sides. It's as if the diamond is floating, capturing and refracting light most enchantingly.

4-Six Prong Setting

The six-prong setting is a beautiful blend of strength and sophistication. The diamond is securely held by six prongs, an added assurance compared to the common four-prong setting. This makes it an excellent engagement ring setting for those who see their love as a sanctuary of security and stability. Any diamond greater than 1 carat should have six prongs to secure the diamond in place.

Often seen gracing timeless solitaire rings, this design presents an appealing aesthetic subtly different from four prongs. The symmetry and balance of the six prongs create a visually pleasing frame that draws attention to the centrepiece.

5-Channel Setting

For those who love sleek, modern designs, the channel-setting engagement ring offers an irresistible allure. In this design, smaller diamonds are set into the band, creating a continuous, seamless line of brilliance that elegantly leads the eye to the central diamond. It speaks of a love that's not intermittent, not temporary, but constant, flowing like a river of light towards eternity.

6-Split Shank

The band in this design splits as it nears the centre stone, creating a dramatic visual pathway that leads to the central diamond. This intriguing design element adds a twist to the traditional setting, making the ring as unique and exciting as your love story.

7- Five Stone

Five Stone engagement rings offer a captivating spectacle of sparkle. Each of the diamonds on the band holds its special place; together, they display radiance and symmetry. This design is for those who appreciate balance, harmony, and a love story made from multiple perfect moments, similar to the five precious stones on the ring.

Each gemstone can represent significant milestones or phases in your journey of love – an embodiment of past memories, present joys, and future dreams. Choosing a five-stone engagement ring is like cherishing a love that's not just about one central moment but an ongoing journey of shared experiences and milestones. It's an affirmation of a love not confined to a single sparkle but dispersed evenly throughout your shared story.

8-Pave Bands

A visual symphony of diamonds, where each tiny gemstone plays its part in creating a band of continuous sparkle. In this design, small diamonds are intricately set into the band, giving the illusion of a seamless stream of light. It's perfect for those who adore the lavish display of a multitude of diamonds, where every turn of the hand reveals a new facet of radiance.

A pave band tells a tale of a love that's filled with countless sparkling moments. It's for those who find joy in every shared smile, every soft word, and every quiet act of kindness. It's for lovers who understand that love is not just about grand gestures but also about the smaller moments that create a brilliant whole.

9- Three-Stone Engagement ring

A Three-Stone Engagement ring holds a powerful narrative within its setting. It showcases a trilogy of diamonds, each representing your unique love story's past, present, and future. The central stone often stands slightly elevated, flanked on either side by two equally stunning diamonds. This design is for those who see their love not as a fleeting emotion but as a journey that spans across time.

Each stone holds a piece of your story – the past that brought you together, the present that binds you, and the future that awaits. This setting is not just an engagement ring; it's a powerful emblem of your shared history and a shining promise of the times to come. For those who appreciate the depths of time and the anticipation of what's yet to unfold, the three-stone engagement ring stands as a testament to a love story that's continuously unfolding.

10- Bezel Setting

The Bezel Setting engagement ring offers a modern, sleek look while ensuring high protection for your diamond. In this design, a metal rim encircles the diamond or gemstone, holding it securely in place. It's ideal for those who live an active lifestyle, as the design minimises the risk of the diamond getting knocked or damaged.


Whether you prefer the simplicity of a solitaire or are drawn to the depth and complexity of the three-stone engagement ring, the choice is intensely personal.

At Alicia J Diamonds, we understand the significance of this decision. That's why we're committed to guiding you through this process, helping you explore numerous designs until you find the one that echoes your love and embodies your shared journey. Alternatively, we also offer a bespoke service for those who create their own engagement ring for their partner.

We hope this blog has been insightful in helping you navigate the different types of engagement rings. Discover the ring that will stand as a beacon of your love today, tomorrow, and forever.

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Engagement Ring Styles FAQs

We've answered some of the most frequently asked questions about engagement ring settings and styles below:

What is the most common type of engagement ring?

The Solitaire is the most common type of classic engagement rings and features a single diamond or gemstone set on a band. Known for its simplicity, elegance, and ability to showcase the beauty of the central gem, the solitaire is a popular choice and similar to the halo ring.

What are the 3 rings of engagement?

Traditionally, the three rings associated with engagement and marriage are the engagement, wedding, and eternity rings. The engagement ring is given at the proposal, the wedding ring is exchanged during the wedding ceremony, and the eternity ring is often given on a significant anniversary or at the birth of a couple's first child.

What rings do you propose with?

Generally, you propose with an engagement ring. The style, type of stone, and setting are usually chosen to match the recipient's preferences and lifestyle.

What type of engagement ring is timeless?

While trends come and go, Solitaire engagement rings are considered timeless due to their classic design. The elegant simplicity of a single stone on a band has been popular for generations. However, the "timelessness" of a ring can also depend on the personal style and preferences of the wearer. For example, a bezel setting may not be a classic look to some, but for others this is one of the popular engagement ring styles.

How much should a man spend on an engagement ring?

The "right" amount to spend on an engagement ring varies greatly depending on personal circumstances, values, and preferences. The old rule of spending three months' salary is largely considered outdated. Choosing a ring that your partner will love and that fits within your budget is more important than a traditional engagement ring style. Remember, an engagement ring's worth is in its sentimental value, not its price tag. See How Much Should an Engagement Ring Cost?