Wedding Jewellery for the Bridal Party

wedding jewellery for the bridal party

Choosing jewellery for your wedding is exciting. But what works best? And should the bridesmaids all wear matching jewellery? And what about mums? Read on for the Alicia J guide to wedding day jewellery.

The Bride

The jewellery a bride chooses to wear on her wedding day will be treasured forever, so needs careful consideration. Diamonds are a popular choice for just this reason – it’s the gemstone that is famously ‘forever’ and the perfect precious choice to represent a bride and groom’s binding promises and commemorate this special memory.

Choosing jewellery that complements a wedding dress rather than competes with it is a good place to start. A bride’s jewellery then depends on a number of factors, including the design of the dress, hair style that she plans for the day, and what suits her complexion and colouring. At Alicia J, we design to order, so we can adapt the gemstones, metals and jewellery design to suit you.

For example, off-the-shoulder dresses look wonderful with statement or drop earrings, which balance out the look, whereas simple studs tend to compliment high-neck dresses best. Some wrist jewellery can distract from the ring, so a simple and timelessly elegant tennis bracelet or delicate bangle paired with a classic pair of studs or diamond drop earrings can be perfect choices for the big day.

Another option for the bride is aquamarine jewellery. Thought to bring happiness to marriages and good fortune to the woman who wears it, aquamarine jewellery has a wonderful symbolism for a wedding. It was traditionally considered as a morning gift for a groom to give to his bride, making it a heartfelt choice for a bride to wear on her wedding day, though we think most brides would rather plan what they’re wearing on the day ahead of time.

The pale blue colour of aquamarine gemstones makes an inspired alternative to diamond jewellery, while being subtle enough in colour that it won’t distract from the wedding dress. An aquamarine pendant, ring or pair of earrings also make for an eye-catching ‘something blue’ on a bride’s big day.


The best way to say thank you to your bride tribe is with meaningful, personalised jewellery. By tailoring jewellery designs to your individual bridesmaids’ tastes and to complement their dresses, and perhaps engraving hidden messages within, this precious gift will be a fond reminder of the special day for years to come.

You can choose to gift your bridesmaids the same piece so they match, or go for similar styles on a theme to show off their individuality. Either way, beautiful gemstone jewellery makes a luxurious and personal gift. Who wouldn’t love to receive a beautiful bespoke piece of jewellery as a bridesmaid?

Our delicate butterfly rings are perfect for bridesmaids, and can be customised with each person’s birthstones. This creates a uniform look that they can all wear on the big day but one that is still unique and personal to them. Or you could choose to match a piece of precious gemstone jewellery to the colour of your bridesmaids’ dresses. A delicate diamond bracelet or a simple elegant bangle with a hidden meaningful message inscribed inside can also be a great choice.

Mother of the bride

A wedding isn’t just a monumental day for the bride and groom, it is also a hugely special day in a mother’s life, so it is important that mum looks and feels her best. It goes without saying that this is the bride’s time to shine, so we suggest that mum steers clear of bold, colourful statement jewellery to avoid taking the spotlight away from the bride.

Classic elegant jewellery is a perfect choice. We say the mother of the bride and groom can’t go wrong with a tailormade diamond pendant necklace or a delicate toggle bracelet.

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