Bespoke Engagement Rings: Your questions, our answers

Fancy the idea of working with a jeweller to create a unique engagement ring for your loved one? Perhaps you want to incorporate a special something into your partner’s engagement ring? Would you like the ring to signify your story as a couple? Or, do you simply want a stunning one-of-a-kind ring?

There are plenty of reasons to opt for a bespoke engagement ring, but we find people can be intimated by the unknowns of custom-made jewellery. That’s why in this Q&A we answer your most frequently asked questions so you can start designing your ring in confidence.

What is a bespoke engagement ring?

This is one of our most asked questions. Put simply, a bespoke engagement ring is a ring that is designed and made especially for you. As you, or your partner, are at the heart of the design, the ring is made to suit your own individual needs and preferences.

What is the process for making a bespoke engagement ring?

Our process is simple, personal and discreet. First, you’ll meet with one of our diamond keepers in person or over a video call. We start with a chat about what you want and understand more about your relationship. We’ll ask questions about what you like and what you don’t, about budget, timescales, and anything else that’s relevant. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ll help you formulate your ideas. 

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Do I need to know anything about diamonds?

No! One reason we set up Alicia J Diamonds was to be a friendly face to help people choose the best diamond for them. We’ll talk you through the pros and cons of all things diamond from the 4Cs (carat, colour, clarity and cut) to budget and sourcing, and the best style to suit you.

How long does it take to make a bespoke engagement ring?

From initial consultation and discussions with one of our diamond keepers, your mood board compilation full of ideas and inspiration are usually back with you in 1-2 weeks, while the full process from consultation to completion usually takes just 6 weeks. 

Do I need to prepare anything for my consultation?

The short answer is no. You don’t need to prepare anything for your consultation as it’s our job to help you create the perfect engagement ring for you.

However, if you’d like to do some research before we chat, read our pointers below:

  • Think about your jewellery likes and dislikes – if it’s a secret, think about what your partner’s favourite jewellery is like
  • Use platforms like Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. Save your favourite images to share with us
  • Have a think about your timescales and budgets in advance

If I go down the bespoke engagement ring route, are you able to make us wedding bands too?

Absolutely! We often make wedding bands for clients who have bought their engagement rings from us as we are able to make a beautiful wedding band that matches your engagement ring perfectly.

Let us help find you an engagement ring that fits perfectly. With our expert advice at your fingertips, we’re confident that shopping for an engagement ring will be enjoyable and joyful, with no unnecessary stress.



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