Diamond Predictions 2023

We ‘re frequently asked about diamond trends for the year, so in December “22 we consulted with our industry friends at Natural Diamonds, the industry body that works hard to improve standards in the global diamond industry, to get their views on diamond trends for this year.   

Here are our TOP trend predictions for 2023,  

1# Repurposed Diamonds

A trend that’s close to our heart, revamping old heirlooms to seeing a resurgence. Taking older stones from grandmother’s jewel box and reworking them into contemporary settings, like bezel wrapped rings or solitaire necklaces is earmarked as a strong trend for 2023.  

Diamond Trend Predictions

2# Women Buying for Themselves

Ladies, if you failed to find those perfect studs from Santa this year, then never fear, 2023 is the year of the Me Treat.  

With 53% of woman working between 31 to 45 hours per week, it’s no wonder that we’re seeing fabulous females buying more for themselves, aka “reward” diamonds.  

3# Men Buying for Themselves

In late 2022 we witnessed Drake drop a small fortune on customised diamonds for everyday and showstopping wear, but it’s not just him. The upturn in guys adding sparkle to their suits is a trend that is set to continue this year.  

4# Non-Binary Designs

A diamond niche is developing, largely thanks to a rise in transgender fashion, and so it seems fitting that diamond designs would follow suit. With stars like Harry Styles very much leading the neutral jewel way, this growing market is predicted to rise in 2023… 

Diamond Trend Predictions

And finally...

5# Valentine's Gifting

With our Valentine's gifts soon to drop on our online shop, we predict that the next month will be a sparkling one for some loved Valentines… 

Wishing you a fabulous start to the year. 

Lots of Love, 

Alicia J x