Engagement Ring Trend Predictions for 2022

With 2022 underway, we’ve been discussing what will be the most exciting engagement ring styles for this year. We think it’s going to be all about celebrating true love and strong partnerships and also the excitement of looking forward, after spending the last 2 years in reflection mode.


Keep reading to discover our top engagement ring predictions for 2022!

1. Toi et Moi

If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it is to cherish our loved ones. For couples with engagement and wedding plans, the pandemic has created a desire for added meaning and value. This sentiment has brought a new trend for two-stone diamond engagement rings, aka ‘toi et moi’ (you and me), which feature two stones representing both love stories and partnerships. We see this style soaring in popularity this year thanks to its romantic meaning, and also celebs such as Emily Ratajkowski and Ariana Grande rocking two-stone rings.

2. Bezel set ring

2022 is the year for change and we predict many couples will opt for less traditional engagement rings. Bezel set rings, where the precious metal setting circles around a gemstone, are actually among the oldest jewellery settings in history, but are now coming back on trend with a modern take on a timeless solitaire ring. They also provide a strong robust setting with a bold aesthetic. Celebs such as Lily Collins have chosen beautiful bezel set rings recently and we predict we’ll see many more in 2022.


3. Ovals

Ovals were a huge trend in engagement rings in 2021, and we don't see them slowing down in 2022. Although celebs like Hayley Bieber and Blake Lively sparked the oval obsession, Kourtney Kardashian's showstopping ring was reportedly responsible for an exponential rise in oval engagement ring searches. However, it's not just the A-listers carrying this trend through, oval cut diamonds have remained popular through the years due to their brilliance, flattering shape and ability to look bigger per carat.

4. Vintage Halo Rings

Bold, vintage-inspired halo rings are another trend we predict to rise further in 2022. As well as the benefit of making the centre stone appear larger and adding an extra dash of luxury to the ring, a halo of diamonds can also achieve the increasingly popular vintage-inspired look. We've seen many celebs such as Eva Longoria leaning towards vintage style engagement rings, some choosing coloured gemstones as their centre stone with a diamond halo setting.

5. Coloured gemstone rings

From bold colourful gemstone rings to delicate yellow diamond designs, we're anticipating more colour in 2022, as everyone wants to shake off the past two years and look ahead to more joyful times. Thanks to Kate Middleton’s iconic oval blue sapphire, sapphire will always be a timeless choice for an engagement ring. However, we're also seeing more unusual coloured gemstones being considered as a way to encapsulate the wearer's personality.

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