How to add meaning to your bespoke engagement ring

Here at Alicia J Diamonds, we know that every love story is unique, so we think your engagement ring should reflect that individuality. All our engagement rings are bespoke, made to order and created to show the personality of the wearer and tell each couple's personal love story.


Designing a bespoke engagement ring allows you to create a design that nobody else has, and also add personal, meaningful touches which are special to just you and your partner.

Wondering how to add meaning to your bespoke engagement ring? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are there any special moments you want to capture?

  • Is there a holiday location or date that’s important to you both?

  • Are there any gemstones that hold relevant meaning to your relationship?

  • Are there any symbols or words you want to include?

  • Do you have any family heirlooms you want to incorporate into the design?

Here are 4 of our favourite ways you can add meaning to your bespoke engagement ring:

1. Meaningful Gemstones

Gemstones hold significant meaning and are thought by many to have mystical powers. We love them because they make a stylish alternative to diamonds on an engagement ring, and bring their own unique physical characteristics, spiritual meanings and rich history. Whether it's your loved one’s birthstone, an aquamarine gem to enhance youthfulness and the happiness of your marriage, or a tourmaline stone to represent love and compassion, gemstones add an extra personal touch to your ring.

2. Engravings

Engravings are the simplest way to add meaning to your design. Whether it's a special date, phrase, symbol, word or the coordinates of a meaningful location or something only you and your partner understand the meaning of, every time you put on or take off your ring, you will be reminded of your love. The most common place to engrave is on the inside of your band.

3. Incorporate Heirlooms

Do you have a piece of jewellery in the family that’s not quite to your taste? One of the many advantages of creating a bespoke engagement ring is that you can incorporate aspects of an heirloom, such as the stone or the metal, into a new design tailored to you. Or, if you would prefer to keep the heirloom in its original form, you can simply take inspiration from the design and create your own version based on your much-loved relative’s jewellery.

4. Hidden Birthstones

Setting small hidden birthstones on the inside of the band is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your bespoke ring. Choose a birthstone or perhaps a gemstone that holds significant meaning to your relationship for a super-romantic touch that will be a lifelong reminder of the love and attention that went into designing your bespoke engagement ring. Get in touch with our team to find a stone that resonates best with you and your love story.

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Take inspiration from our recent bespoke clients:

Liam & Symone 

Liam came to us with the wish to incorporate meaning and sentiment into his engagement ring, something he was struggling to do with wider known brands. After toying with a few ideas, we decided to include the couple's birthstone into the inside of the band, as well as the birthstones of their two children. Like a magical family secret, hidden inside the ring! 

Jordan & Poppy

Jordan came to us looking for a unique ring, that couldn't be bought in the shops. He knew that Poppy loved gemstones, and the fact their son is called Blue attracted him to these wonderful deep blue sapphires. Jordan also appreciated the meaning of the stones, which represent wisdom and are said to calm the mind and help the wearer focus. 

Jack & Sarah

Jack wanted something a little different to suit Poppy's unique style. After exploring various options, we opted for an oval centre diamond with a cluster of 3 round brilliant cut diamonds on either side, complete with a meaningful message engraved on the inside of the band. 

To begin creating your own bespoke piece of jewellery, whether it's for yourself or a gift, email


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