Ring Redesign

In our 2023 Diamond Predictions, we reported our headline trend for this year, the repurposing of stones. Re-designing your existing jewellery is high on this years must-do list…

Re-stating Love

With every fulfilled proposal follows the words, I do. But did you get your forever ring? Not everyone does.  And even if you’ve both selected your stone or worked on your ring design together, time changes things – as anniversaries pass, your style can shift, budgets may increase, or you may simply have changed your mind. There’s no taboo in that and a re-design can bring renewed joy to treasured stones. Here’s some of our favourite reworks:


1# Elli Loizou 

This classic cushion cut belonging to Elli Loizou’s was dusted with diamond magic. The centre stone was reworked by adding shell detail added to her original engagement ring.

Ring Re-Design


2# Meghan Markle

The Meghan effect, a traditional setting can easily be made skinner and dipped with pave diamonds to create a contemporary setting for easy every day wear and stackable style.

Ring Redesign


3# Mirka Federer

Mirka Federer, wife of tennis champion Roger, had her emerald-cut engagement ring updated. We love how Mirka retained the emerald cut but added a distinctive 'snake-like' band that curls around her diamond and rejoins with the band.

Ring Re-Design

Chat with the Diamond Keepers to explore your redesign options.

We’ll work up an individualised mood board based on your available stones and preferences. 

Lots of Love, 

Alicia J x