How do you make your engagement ring unique?

Deciding what your engagement ring will look like is exciting. Whether they’ve already said yes and you’re planning and designing together or it’s a big bold surprise, we’ve got you covered. The engagement ring symbolises a life-changing moment for you both, and will be part of your relationship for ever, so let’s make it unique. The very best rings reflect what’s special about you two – perhaps with a personal engraving, a hidden birthstone, a favourite metal, a repurposed antique stone, or another representation of your love. Read on for our top 5 ways to make your engagement ring beautifully unique.

1. Personality match

Start by thinking about your loved one’s style. Do they relish all things vintage and steer towards Art Deco everything? Or perhaps they have a bold and expressive personality and always choose bright tones and colourful gems. Figuring out your partner’s true core style is a brilliant place to begin planning your engagement ring style, as you can draw inspiration from their preferences for the type of ring they will love. Look at their existing jewellery, and think about what they wear, too.

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2. Let's get personal

Every relationship has its own unique story, with details that are personal just to you two. So, let’s incorporate this personal story into your engagement ring. You could engrave both your initials on the inner band of your engagement ring, or pop them inside a heart, old-school style, or how about a cupid’s arrow? Or why not add the secretly special co-ordinates for the location of your first date? Another special touch is to embed your and your partner’s birthstone into the ring. It could be part of the main feature of the ring, or be hidden on the inner band. We’ve also had couples put their children’s birthstones into their ring, which is a lovely sweet idea.

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3. Chose quality craftsmanship

Making an engagement ring special is about much more than its initial appearance. It’s also about the durability and lifespan of the ring. When you design a ring from scratch, it means you can get your dream ring exactly how you want it, without having to compromise on quality. Having this autonomy means you can make sure the diamonds, gemstones and metals are of the highest quality. There is so much more to diamonds then carats; as diamond experts, we ensure that we walk every client through the 4Cs as these are what will determine the value, beauty and rarity of a diamond.

4. Switch up your centre stone

For years, engagement rings have been all about colourless diamonds, the most popular choice by a long way. As diamond lovers and diamond experts, we get this of course. But we also know that some people love to go their own way on the stone. Many stunning engagement rings feature the twist of an alternative beautiful gemstone as the centrepiece – perhaps a brilliantly blue sapphire, or a glowing red ruby. You can still have diamonds, too. For example, a three-stone engagement ring or a design with accents lets you add the sparkle of diamonds around the centrepiece. You can even take it one step further and incorporate the birthstone of your partner or children as the centrepiece, adding both a meaningful touch and a bright splash of colour.

5.  Metal Merit

What metal should you choose for your engagement ring band? The most popular options are yellow gold and white gold but there are other metals that will add a subtle note of individuality to your ring design. Platinum is a great choice as it’s very hard wearing. And rose gold has risen in popularity over the years and is a beautifully pretty option. If you’re still yearning for something even more visually unique, look at two-tone options, which look great in a mix of white and yellow gold.

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