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East West Engagement Ring

Our ‘East West Engagement Rings’ collection boldly breaks the mould of traditional ring design. These rings are perfect for any modern romantic, featuring diamonds set horizontally in an east-west direction.

Each gemstone is a tribute to the unique nature of every relationship, marrying contemporary aesthetics with timeless grace.

Alicia J Diamonds invites you to search for the perfect east-west ring.

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What is an East-West Engagement Ring?

An East-West Engagement Ring is a twist on the classic engagement ring setting, where the diamond or gemstone is set horizontally across the band rather than the traditional vertical orientation. This contemporary design not only showcases the stone in a unique light but also allows for a broader canvas of creativity in styling and personal expression.

East-West Engagement Rings represent a bold departure from the norm, offering a fresh and modern take on the classic symbol of eternal love.

This innovative approach to engagement rings appeals to those seeking to create a piece that is as unique and special as their own love story.


What shapes work best with an East West Engagement Ring?

This unconventional setting can accommodate a variety of diamond cuts, including emerald, oval, marquise, and more, each stone offering a distinctive look and form that stands out from conventional designs. East-west settings emphasise the width of the finger and tips of the stone, creating an elegant and slender appearance on the ring band.



The Oval cut presented in this distinctive orientation emphasises the elongated shape of the oval diamond, creating an illusion of greater size and enhancing its natural brilliance. Perfect for those seeking a blend of modernity and timeless sophistication, the oval cut elongates the finger, lending an air of grace and refinement.

Its horizontal placement on the band makes for a stunning visual impact, ensuring that the ring is not just a symbol of love but works for those who opt for a statement piece. This setting showcases the oval diamond’s unique beauty, making it a perfect choice for an engagement ring that will stand out.


Emerald Cut

The east-west orientation accentuates the clean lines, sharp corners, and symmetrical facets of the emerald-cut diamond, enhancing its understated elegance and showcasing its distinctive clarity. The horizontal placement on the edge of the band not only makes a bold fashion statement but also allows the stone to catch the light uniquely, highlighting its geometric beauty.

Ideal for those who appreciate contemporary design with a nod to classic aesthetics, the East-West Emerald-Cut ring is a testament to enduring style, offering a fresh perspective on timeless love. Its sleek, elongated silhouette is perfect for those seeking to create a ring that is both distinctive and refined. The ‘hall of mirrors’ effect means that the price of the ring is more cost-effective than some other diamonds.



The marquise diamond, when set within an east-west engagement ring, offers an exquisite blend of avant-garde style and classic allure. When oriented horizontally, this not only champions the Marquise diamond’s unique shape but also maximises its potential for flattering elongation, especially on shorter fingers.

The east-west orientation draws a line from the eye across the palm with a bow-tie effect, creating a perception of width and grace that enhances the slender profile and sharp points of the diamond.

This setting amplifies the Marquise cut’s inherent elegance, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a ring that combines contemporary design with a touch of regal sophistication inspired by the Marquise de Pompadour’s lips.


Pear Cut

The pear-cut diamond, when positioned in an east-west setting, embodies a harmonious blend of elegance and contemporary design. This innovative orientation accentuates the pear cut’s unique pointed-end teardrop shape, enhancing its natural luminosity and creating a subtle yet striking visual appeal. Perfect for those seeking a balance between tradition and modernity, the Pear-Cut ring elongates the finger, offering a flattering silhouette. It’s a choice that symbolises uniqueness and sophistication, making the pear-cut ring a bold statement of individual style.


Cushion Cut

With its 58 facets, cushion cuts renowned for its great fire and the captivating rainbow of colours it displays due to refraction. When aligned horizontally, these characteristics are magnified, making the diamond’s light performance truly breathtaking. This setting not only highlights the plush, pillow-like shape of the cushion cut stone, but also enhances its visual impact, creating a stunning display of brilliance and colour. An east-west ring with cushion cuts is an emblem of sophistication, perfect for those who desire a fusion of classic charm and modern flair.


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East West Engagement Rings Buying Guide

Those who dare to be different will be in the esteemed company of Catherine Zeta-Jones, who has an East-West Marquise Engagement Ring, adorned with a halo of diamonds. Portia de Rossi also favours the style with her choice of an east-west ring, showing the use of elongated shapes once more.

Our stones come with a GIA report which not only guarantees the 4 C’s of the diamond but also ensures that your investment is safe.

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Why Choose East-West Engagement Rings?

Here are three compelling reasons to opt for this innovative style:

  • Bolder Style: East-west settings redefine the landscape of engagement rings, offering a departure from the traditional. This orientation presents a contemporary aesthetic that is sure to turn heads. It is the epitome of modern sophistication, appealing to those who dare to be different.
  • Boosted Impression: Diamonds and gemstones set horizontally across the band appear larger and more prominent, giving the illusion of a greater surface area without the need for bigger stones. This clever optical enhancement means an East-West Engagement Ring makes a significant impact, amplifying the details and beauty of the chosen gem while remaining elegantly understated.
  • Intense Reflection: The unique positioning of the stone optimises the interaction with light, leading to an intense reflection that highlights the stone’s inherent brilliance. Whether it’s the deep clarity of an emerald-cut or the facets of a cushion cut, the light performance is maximised, showcasing a stunning display of colours and fire.

Choosing an East-West Engagement Ring is a declaration of style, a bold move towards a distinctive representation of love, designed to catch the eye and capture the heart.

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East West Engagement Rings FAQs

Here are the questions people want answered about East-West rings.

What Is An East to West Ring?

An east to west ring features diamonds or stones set horizontally across the band, offering a modern twist on traditional engagement ring styles. This unique orientation highlights the stone’s beauty and details in a contemporary manner, creating a striking visual impact. To discover the best type of east- west ring that aligns with your style and preferences, talk to us at Alicia J Diamonds. Our expertise will guide you in choosing a top east-west ring that truly represents your individual love story.

Are East-West Rings Popular?

East-West rings have indeed become a sought-after choice among those looking for engagement rings that blend timeless elegance with a cool, modern twist. This unique setting, which positions the gemstone horizontally across the band, has captured the attention of those who prefer a distinctive and contemporary aesthetic. Its growing popularity is a testament to the changing tastes in jewellery, with an increasing number of individuals opting for designs and features that reflect their style and stand out from traditional offerings.