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Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings

Discover the timeless elegance and style of our Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings collection, where classic sophistication meets modern design.

Each piece in this curated selection embodies the unique beauty, detail and precision of the emerald-cut diamond ring itself, renowned for its clean lines and striking clarity that enhances the natural brilliance of the diamond.

Explore Alicia J Diamonds and our complete range to find the perfect symbol of your commitment, crafted with care to celebrate your special moment.

Welcome to a world of enduring elegance.

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What is an Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring?

An emerald-cut diamond ring is defined by its rectangular shape with long, step cuts and linear facets typically arranged in parallel, which provide unique flashes of light not found with other shapes. This cut is celebrated for its elegance and sophistication, offering a distinct appearance.

Emerald cuts often give the illusion that diamonds are of a larger size compared to round diamonds of a stone of the same carat weight, making them a popular choice for those desiring a statement piece.

Due to their design and shape, emerald cuts are more transparent, highlighting the clarity and color quality of the diamond, hence it’s recommended to choose a stone with a clarity grade of VS2 or higher for a clean appearance.


Emerald-Cut Diamonds Buying Guide

Worn by the likes of Grace Kelly and Liz Taylor in the mid 20th century, emerald-cut rings are highly sought after. They have all the style of a large diamond but are more cost-effective than many other diamond shapes.

More recently it was the perfect choice of stone for Jay Z when he decided to put a ring on Beyonce.

All diamonds over 0.5ct are accompanied by a GIA report, meaning that you can have a clear conscience while making the perfect proposal.

Founded in 1931, the GIA is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to providing unbiased grading and analysis of diamonds and gemstones.

Their commitment to protecting diamond buyers inspired them to create the 4C’s (Colour, Clarity, Cut, and Carat), the International Diamond Grading System that has become the universally accepted method to evaluate diamonds.

At Alicia J we’re privileged to have received GIA training and are proud to pass on our knowledge.

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Why Choose Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings?

Think about the following and decide if an emerald diamond is the right one for you.

Elongated lines: Emerald-cut rings have elongated lines that can make fingers appear longer.

Tapered edges: Emerald-cut diamonds have chiselled corners meaning that they are more durable.

Large rectangular facets: These diamonds have a rectangular shape that provides a mirror effect. This makes the diamond look bigger than it is.

If you want to show an open heart and clarity in your commitment, this could be the perfect ring shape for you.


Searching for something truly unique? Create your own bespoke engagement ring.



Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings FAQs

Here are the answers people want when searching for emerald-cut engagement rings:

Is an Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring a Good Idea?

Choosing an Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring from Alicia J combines elegance with simplicity, making it a versatile choice. The emerald-cut diamond rings not only showcases the diamond’s clarity but also features a shape that can elegantly elongate the appearance of the finger. At Alicia J, we pride ourselves on offering a wide array of diamond cuts and shapes and the option for bespoke ring designs, ensuring you find the perfect match for your unique taste. Whether you’re drawn to the clean lines of this engagement ring or have another shape in mind, our collection is designed to cater to your individual preferences. Explore our diverse range and discover the possibility of creating a custom-designed ring that’s uniquely yours with Alicia J.

Are Emerald Cuts More Expensive?

Emerald cuts are often perceived as more affordable compared to other popular cuts like the round brilliant, due to their less intricate cutting process and the higher yield from the original diamond rough. However, the price of an emerald-cut diamond can vary widely based on its clarity, colour, carat, and the specific quality of the emerald-cut diamonds. Since emerald cuts showcase the clarity of the diamond more prominently, selecting a higher clarity grade might increase the price. At Alicia J, we’re on hand to advise you through every step of the process, providing a range of diamonds to pick from and ensuring you make an informed decision.

What Does An Emerald-Cut Ring Symbolise?

An emerald-cut engagement ring symbolises elegance and clarity. This diamond cut, with its long lines and reflective depth, suggests an open-heartedness and transparency in the wearer’s character. It’s a choice of jewellery that speaks to a preference for timeless, understated sophistication over flashiness. The emerald cut’s unique ability to showcase a diamond’s purity and luminance makes it an emblem of honesty and open communication, foundational qualities in any long-term relationship.