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Gold Halo Engagement Rings

Each Gold Halo Engagement Ring has a central diamond with a halo which enhances the stone’s brilliance.

The classic warmth of yellow gold makes it the colour for those seeking a classic design with a touch of luxury.

Gold provides a contrast against the halo diamonds, showing their clarity and beauty. This contrast also represents the unity of two becoming one.

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What is a Gold Halo Engagement Ring?

The halo is a circle of small diamonds that encrust the centrepiece. Each gold shade brings a unique warmth or coolness, adding to the halo’s character.

At Alicia J, our collection spans yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold halo diamond engagement rings.

We make sure that the gold in each ring compliments the diamond it showcases.


Gold Halo Engagement Rings Buying Guide

Pure 24-carat gold is too soft for everyday use.

We blend gold with other metals to enhance its durability. This mixing process not only strengthens the gold but also allows for the creation of various gold hues, including white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

Think about what jewellery you already have and consider where your gold engagement ring will fit into your bridal set.

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Why Choose Gold Halo Engagement Rings?

A gold halo engagement ring comes with a variety of options. You choose the type of gold but that’s not all…

You can also pick a pear, emerald-cut, round, marquise or cushion diamond to go in the middle. Or why not choose a gemstone such as ruby or sapphire?

You choose a shape, colour, and centrepiece that fits your tale of romance, passion, and commitment.

All our diamonds are sourced and approved by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the most widely recognised diamond accreditation body in the world.

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Gold Halo Engagement Rings FAQs

Here are some answers people want about gold halo engagement rings.

Is a halo engagement ring still a popular style?

Yes, halo engagement rings are very popular, held in high-esteem for their elegance and ability to enhance the central stone. The halo setting has a stunning impact when combined with the different hues of gold. This design holds appeal because of it’s blend of the traditional with the contemporary. It is a sought-after choice for those who want a distinctive symbol of their love.

How do you design a gold halo engagement ring?

Designing a gold halo diamond engagement ring starts with a bespoke consultation with Alicia J, on Zoom or in London. You select your preferred gold (yellow, white, or rose), and then the centre stone to compliment it. With your direction, we then design the halo to go with it. Once you are happy we will begin work on your ring before giving it a quality check against our high standards. You can receive the final product in as little as three weeks.